Apply Fixes

  1. Right-click your environment and select Fixes > Manage Fixes.
  2. In the Fix(es) overview pane, search for a fix using the following filter options:

    Type the name of the fix.


    Type the ID number of the solution.


    Type a description of the fix.


    Select the component to which the solution belongs or select ALL to show all solutions.


    Select to view all solutions or view only those that have been applied or not applied already.

    Applied By

    Type the name or ID of the user who installed the fix.

    Applied Date

    Type the date when the fix was applied.

  3. Click Search. The search results are displayed. The following table lists the different statuses that might be displayed in the results list:
    Status Icon Description
    Applied The fix is fully applied
    Superseded The MCE is fully replaced by a later MCE (only valid for MCEs).
    Partially superseded One or more of the files included in the MCE is replaced by a later MCE (only valid for MCEs)
    Not Applied The fix is not applied
    Partially Applied One or more of the files included in the fix is applied, but not all of them (only valid for fixes that are not MCEs)
  4. Select a fix in the list. Complete information about the fix and each file that is included in the fix is displayed. For MCEs, possible dependencies are also shown.

    Depending on the filter you use, a list with search results is displayed. Note that the search results include only all MCEs and fixes that were found based on the filter criteria. In the results window, you can right-click to select or deselect all the MCEs found by the search.


    The selected fix will be displayed in bold font in Fix(es) Details. All fixes that also contain changes to the database are displayed in blue. MCEs containing database changes cannot be removed once applied.

    Click Apply.

  5. If the fix to apply is an MCE package, LifeCycle Manager will scan the M3 Business Engine environment for conflicts.

    If no conflicts are found a message box appears, click OK to apply the fix.

    If conflicts are found, the Apply Fix wizard is started, continue below.