Create a System Configuration in M3 BE

This section describes the procedures about how to create system configurations in M3 Business Engine.

A system configuration is specified through up to five system components. The definitions made to system component and system configuration define the classpath to be used by the server to access M3 Business Engine.

The LifeCycle Manager Environment Configurator is used to set up the system configuration for a M3 Business Engine environment. The two tabs, Configuration and Components, are equivalent to the M3 Business Engine programs ‘System Configuration. Open’ (MNS102) and ‘Configuration Component. Open’ (MNS104)

There are icons or buttons located at the upper right hand part of the Environment Configurator window, allowing you to add, delete, save, undo, refresh, and use horizontal or vertical orientation in viewing.


The System Configurations pane is displayed by default. However, set the component first before the system configurations.