Configure M3 BE User Documentation Infocenter in LifeCycle Manager

  1. In the address line of a web browser, type the URL to the LifeCycle Manager Portal page.


    where Port# is the number you specified for the LifeCycle Manager Server port, plus 3 (with SSL) or plus 2 (without SSL).

    • If you used the default value (4060), the Port# is 4062.

    • If you do not know the value, look in the LCMInstallDir\Server\ file for the value of http.server.port.

  2. In the LifeCycle Manager Client, click Help > Open Infocenter

    Click the Documentation link. The Documentation Portal page appears.

  3. On the Documentation page, click the link to launch the infocenter you installed.
  4. Verify that the version and platform match your configuration.
  5. Provide the URL to the Infocenter when prompted during the installation of M3 UI Adapter, or when configuring the Infocenter in Smart Office.

    The URL to the Infocenter must be in https. Make sure that the Infocenter has a valid SSL certificate, or that the certificate is added properly to the Trusted Root Certification Authorities of the browser.