Retrieving Fixes

Use this procedure to retrieve and install available fixes handled by LifeCycle Manager from a Customer Correction Self Service (CCSS) channel.

For more information about the types of fixes, see chapter Types of Fixes in LifeCycle Manager User Guide available in the LCM Client (Help > Help Contents) and in the M3 Core I&T Infocenter.

You may need to set up access to the CCSS server before you can retrieve fixes.

For example, if your organization uses a proxy server to access the internet, you must first set up LifeCycle Manager to recognize the proxy. Review the guidelines and procedures in the LifeCycle Manager User Guide, chapter Managing Access to the Customer Correction Self Service (CCSS) Server.

To retrieve fixes

  1. Log on to LifeCycle Manager.
  2. Select Actions > Retrieve Fixes. The Retrieve Fixes tab is displayed.
  3. Click Retrieve and apply all available fixes.
  4. Click Yes to confirm.

    A Logon to CCSS Server window is displayed

  5. Type a valid user name and password. Use your Infor Xtreme credentials.
  6. Click OK.
  7. A notification will be displayed informing that the LCM Client needs to be updated. Select to update and restart the LCM Client.