1. Download the installation files for M3 Business Engine, M3 Financial Business Messages, Infor ION Grid, Session Providers and M3 Core Technology from the Infor Download Center.

    Infor recommends to store all the downloads on the M3 Home Server where LifeCycle Manager Server is installed.

  2. Log on to LifeCycle Manager with a user that is a member of the LifeCycle Manager administrator's group.
  3. In LifeCycle Manager Client, click Admin > Upload Products.
  4. On the Manage Products page, click Upload and select the following packages to upload:
    • Grid_Installer_11.1.13.x.x.lcm

    • Session_Providers_11.1.13.x.lcm

    • SAML Session Provider 1.14.x.zip

    • M3Core_Technology_13.x.x.lcm

    • M3BusinessEngine_x.x.zip

    • help_m3beud_E361_15.1.x.x.zip 

    Replace x.x with the available version to be installed.

  5. Click Open.
  6. A dialog is displayed where the progress is shown

    This operation takes several minutes.

  7. In the Verifying package window, click Yes to accept to register the packages on the LifeCycle Manager Server.
  8. When the task is finished, a dialog appears. Click OK.
  9. When the dialog appears asking you if you want to update your client, click Yes.
  10. When the update is done, a dialog appears informing that the client needs to restart. Click OK to restart the client.
  11. Log on again.