Installing M3 BOD Processor

The M3 BOD Processor subscribes to events from Event Analytics, enhances, and publishes them through Event Hub to IEC. The M3 BOD Processor processes BOD content based on rulespack archives that filter events that are valid as BODs.

  1. In LifeCycle Manager, select Actions> Install Product.
  2. On the Install window, select the "M3 BODs 15.x.x" product and click Next.
  3. On the Location window:
    1. Select the Grid instance where you want to install M3 BOD Processor.

      You must install the product on the same Grid instance as M3 Core Infrastructure and Technology.

    2. Select an unoccupied HTTPS port number on the host.
    3. Select Validate SVCM3BOD user, and specify the name and the password for any MNS150 user to complete the validation.
    4. If the M3 BE is not started, select the "Start M3 BE Environment" check box.
  4. Click Next.

After installation, verify that the product is displayed in "Started" status in the list of Grid applications.