Adding a rule

All settings support the addition of rules, which allows you to configure a specific setting for a user or group.

In the Rules tool, you can specify a set of rules. The rules can also be reordered. The first matching rule for a user will be the rule that is applied. An asterisk (*) next to the Browse button indicates that the setting has one or more rules.

A user can view a subset of the settings that an administrator has enabled for them. The settings can be accessed by clicking Start menu > User Settings.

  1. From the application menu, select Administration Tools > Administration Tools > Start Page Settings.
  2. Select the setting to be changed and click the Browse button.
  3. Click Add rule.
  4. Specify a name for the new rule. Use a name that describes the purpose of the rule. For example, if you are creating a rule to enable M3 managers to import pages, you can use Enable page import for M3 managers.
  5. Specify the Value based on your required setting for the user or group.
  6. To add users individually, specify a User ID and click Add.

    To add users by role, specify a Group ID, or click the group selector on the right corner of the Group ID field then select a group. Click Add.

    Users or groups that you added are displayed on the box. If you want to remove users or groups from the box, select the users and click Remove.

  7. Click OK.
  8. Click Save.