Creating an API suite for M3

These conditions must be fulfilled:

  1. Open the ION API administration interface in Infor Ming.le.
  2. Click Add New API Suite.
  3. Specify these values:
    Infor Non-provisioned

    Select this option.

    Application Name

    Infor M3


    Select the applicable M3 version.

    Suite Name


    API Context

    Accept the default value.

    Use HTTPS

    Select this option.

    Host Name

    Specify the applicable router host name.


    Specify the https port as per SYSTEM.HTTPS:[PORT].


    Leave this field as is.

  4. In Target Endpoint Security:
    User Mutal SSL

    Select this option.

    Key Password

    Specify the password for the client keystore, and click "Load Certificate".

    Navigate to the applicable keystore and click Open.

    Authentication Type

    Select Anonymous.

  5. Click Save.