Configuring IEC properties

The list of advanced IEC application settings are shown in the Edit Properties page in the Infor Grid pages. This page is accessible through LCM. Use this procedure to access the page and configure the property settings. For a complete list of configuration properties and procedures, see Infor Enterprise Collaborator Administration Guide.

  1. In the LCM Applications tab, select the Space > grid where IEC application is installed.
  2. Right-click <EC Application Name> > Configure Application.

    The "Application:<EC Application name>(ECApplication<version>)" page is displayed.

  3. Click the Edit Properties link.
  4. In the section Application Defined Properties, click the link to a property to edit.

    Depending on your selected property, a new tab may open. Click the link to the host or node where the property belongs. The Property Edit window is displayed.

    This table shows the properties grouped according to settings.

    Settings Property list
    Basic settings
    • ErrorMail

    • MapGen

    • APIMapper

    • MapGen Server Data Bridge

    Log settings
    • Log4j > Log4j

      For more information on how to set up Log4j properties, see the third party documentation on Log4j.

    Runtime Control settings

    Configure these properties to set the runtime controls.

    • Runtime is for the Runtime control settings.

    • DocErrorHandler to archive error message.

    • MvxAPI for API and MI-Program Settings.

    • DocIDController for Message ID Controller.

    • Folders for temporary data storage.

    • Archive for message archives.

    Database Property settings For Delete interval and IEC Server Data Source
    Utilities Configuration If you use ec.utilities in your mappings, it contains a utility class called StringReplacer. You can add or configure properties for a StringReplacer class.
  5. Edit the property.
  6. Save and exit the Edit Properties window.