Adding the fontmap file to the Global project

  1. Open the Global.dcproject.
  2. Double-click the Global_Resourceset.
  3. On the new screen, right-click Global_Resourceset and select Import.
  4. Browse to the location of the fontmap.tbl file and select the file. Click Open and then select type Table.
  5. Double-click the platform.
  6. On the platform screen, right-click the output connector FILE and select Settings.
  7. On the Output Connector Settings – FILE screen, select the platform layer.
  8. At the bottom of the section Device Driver Settings, press the green square to browse to the new font substitution table fontmap.tbl.
  9. On the Browse for Resources screen, select to look in Global_Resourceset and select the fontmap.tbl. Click OK.
  10. Repeat steps 6 to 9 for the other output connectors: MAIL, FAX, PCL, TXT, and RTF.