Installing Language Master XML Files

Use this procedure to install language master XML files.


Ensure that all modified Language Objects are imported to the Language Tables. This is done using the Import XML to Database task in LifeCycle Manager (LCM). For more information about importing XML to a database, see M3 BE LifeCycle Manager User Guide.

  1. Export one or more Language Tables using the Export XML from Database task in LCM.

    The Export XML from Database wizard of LCM allows you to export database contents and filter only the needed tables. Use the Table Selection page to select only Language Tables. For more information, see M3 BE LifeCycle Manager User Guide.

  2. Verify that the Language Tables are exported as a zip file. The zip file has the same file name you provided during the export task and is found in the following location:

    <M3 BE root> \_db_data\exported_data\<Component>

  3. Extract the files in a temporary directory and copy the extracted Language Master XML files to the following location:

    <MAK_HOME> \<environment>\Languages\

    where <MAK_HOME> refers to the path <M3 BE root>\tools\mak.


    You can manually create the directory Languages\ if it does not exist.

    After installation, you can get and edit the language master XML files using M3 Adaptation Kit.