Subscriber Page

The Subscriber page shows information for a single subscriber. You access this page by clicking the name of a subscriber on the Subscribers page.

Column Description
Publisher Name The name of the publisher for this subscriber

The status of the subscriber

The three possible statuses are:

  • OK (a green check mark)

  • WARNING (a yellow exclamation point)

  • ERROR (red circle with white X)

You can hover the mouse over the status to display a tool time indicating the current state and any warning or error messages.

Queued Events The current number of events in the queue. If this number is not 0, then the subscribers are either inactive, disconnected, or slow, and the cause should be investigated.
Total Enqueued Events The number of events sent since the last restart.
Purge Events Click to purge all undelivered events from publisher for the subscriber (app-admin required).
Subscriptions This column displays a number that indicates the number of subscriptions. The number is a link that you can click to go to the Subscriptions page, which shows the subscriptions for the this subscriber.