Start page for first-time users

This table shows the default page that a new user sees when Start pages is enabled.

The default page depends on these settings:

Settings configuration Default view
  • Private pages enabled

  • No default template

  • No mandatory page

A default static template that is added as a private page so the user can edit it right away
  • Private pages enabled

  • Default template specified in settings

A private copy of the page is selected as a default template

This is a way to present different roles with different suggestions of pages, but will still allow users to add their own content.

Note: You cannot force a mandatory page using the mandatory pages setting in this scenario.
  • Private pages (enabled or disabled)

  • Default template can either be specified or not

  • Mandatory page (at least one) specified in settings

As soon as there is one mandatory page specified, the default template is ignored. As a result, you will only get the mandatory page which will be read-only, unless you are a Start page administrator and can edit public pages.

Depending on the settings, the user will be able to add pages from the library or create private pages.

Enable Start Pages property set to false No Start page, but splash screen is displayed