Test Environment

  1. Right-click your environment and select Manage Application.

    The start page for your M3 BE environment is displayed as a new tab.

  2. Click Tools. The available tasks are displayed.
  3. Click Run Job. The Job Parameters window is displayed.
  4. Provide necessary information.

    Consider the following fields:


    Enter TST001




    If the User field is non-editable, you must add the run-as-m3user role to your LCM Client user. Navigate to Configure Application>Edit Role Mappings to add the user to this list.


    By default, this field is set with type Batch.


    Enter 001.


    Leave this field blank.

  5. Click Finish to run the job in the Batch subsystem for user MVXSECOFR.

    The Result view for the running job is displayed.

  6. Click the Subsystem link.
  7. Click the Logging link.

    The following information should be displayed:

    Starting TST001
    Finished TST001
  8. Click the link Log files to verify that no dump log is generated for the test program.

    If you have installed and performed the setup of an M3 UI product, you can also verify the M3 Business Engine installation by running the M3 UI client.