Set parameter -Xcompressedrefs

Parameter -Xcompressedrefs should always be set when running a 64-bits JVM.


This parameter cannot be used with a 32-bit JVM. If using a 32-bit JVM with this parameter, the Grid will not start!

  1. In LCM, right-click your grid and select Configuration Manager.
  2. Click Grid Configuration > Grid Properties.
  3. Search for property grid.jvm.generic.
  4. Click the Generic JVM Commands link, and select Display Complexity All.
  5. Click the M3BE_15.1_[space abbreviation] Appends link for the IBM i host.
  6. Click Append.
  7. Click Add New Line.
  8. Specify -Xcompressedrefs
  9. Save all the changes.