Update Max Heap per subsystem

When running on 64-bits JVM, new max heap values apply.

  1. In LCM, right-click your grid and select Configuration Manager.
  2. Click Grid Configuration > Grid Properties.
  3. Search for property grid.jvm.maxHeapMB.
  4. Click the Max Heap link, and select Display Complexity All.
  5. Click the M3Api link for Any Host.
  6. Enter the value for the production (first table), test or development (second table) environments as listed below.
    Subsystem type Max Heap (MB)
    M3Api 2048
    M3Auto 1024
    M3Batch 1024
    M3Interactive 3072
    Subsystem type Max Heap (MB)
    M3Api 512
    M3Auto 512
    M3Batch 640
    M3Interactive 512
  7. Save the changes.
  8. Repeat the steps for all subsystem types listed, note the different Max Heap values.
  9. Save all the changes.