Prepare StreamServe for a production environment

In order to prepare StreamServe for a production environment in M3 Business Engine you need to make sure that there are not any unused printouts active. Removing them from runtime will improve performance of the system. StreamServe recommends the creation of a new Main Project. However, every Main Project should not include more than approx. 125 dcruntime files. To create your own production Main Project follow the instructions below..

  1. Create a new Main Project

    In the Design Center choose New and enter your project name and project catalog.

  2. Import the Global files you want to use to a folder called Global, and set Global_Resourceset.dcrset as Default.
  3. Delete the Default Project resource set both from the Main Project and the folder structure.
  4. Add the layouts relevant for the M3 Business Engine programs you are using to your Main Project.
  5. Save.
  6. Perform an export in Design Center.
  7. Create an application in Control Center.
  8. Deploy your Main Project to the application in the Control Center.

By creating a new Main Project, but keeping all layouts in the original source project, it is also possible to modify the Main Project later if additional layouts are needed.