Upload the latest package to LifeCycle Manager

  1. Log on to the LifeCycle Manager as an administrator.
  2. Select Actions > Retrieve Fixes.
  3. From the CCSS Channels list, select the channel for H5 Enterprise. This channel is where you can download fixes for H5 Enterprise.
  4. Log on using your Infor Xtreme credentials.
  5. In the Show field, specify ALL and click Search.
  6. From the list of fixes, select the check box of the fix that you want to retrieve. Click Retrieve.
  7. Click OK to complete the download.
  8. Select the check box of the retrieved fix and click Apply.
  9. Click OK.
  10. When a dialog box is displayed, click Yes to update your client.
  11. When the update is done, a dialog box is displayed. Click OK to restart the client.