To update the patch

A CCSS fix update is different from a new version release update. Use this procedure to update your EC with the current CCSS fix.

Before you can use patch updates, you must complete these prerequisites:

  1. In the LCM Applications tab, expand the view of the Space > grid host where EC is installed.
  2. Right-click EC application, select > Application Maintenance > Upgrade Application.

    The Upgrade Application window is displayed.

  3. Select the new .gar file containing the fix patch.
  4. Click Next.

    The view shows the Host window with a list of hosts using this application.

  5. Click Next.

    Before you select "Confirm automatic shutdown of nodes", you must check that all running EC nodes in grid can be shut down.

  6. Select "Confirm automatic shutdown of nodes".
  7. Click Next.

    The Summary window is displayed. Review and verify the completeness of the information.

  8. Click Finish to complete the fix patch upgrade.
  9. Check if EC nodes are started.

    Access the EC Monitor page. If the EC nodes are not started manually, you must restart all EC nodes.

  10. Verify the updated version.

    Access the EC Management > About page. Verify the new and updated version release number.