Verify status of Infor Landmark-side connections for Infor HR Talent

Use this procedure to determine if Landmark Technology configuration has been performed to enable Infor Birst integration.

  1. In Infor OS, sign in as an administrator to the Infor HR Talent application and select the Async Administrator role.
  2. Navigate to ION > ION Connections.
  3. Check the ION Connections page. The status should show "Healthy" for all listed connections.
  4. Perform tests on the IMS and ION Data Catalog connections. With the IMS connection selected, select Actions > Test Tenant. If the test returns "Successful" or "IMS connection not active", the connection is working. Repeat this test for the ION Data Catalog connection.

    If the message, "Precondition failed" pops up during testing, open a ticket with the Infor Support Portal.