Adding updated replication sets for HR Talent general steps

If a CU includes new or updated replication sets, this information is noted in the CU documentation.

Follow the steps in this section to bring the new replication sets into the data lake.

  1. Review KB 2129639 to determine if CU-specific steps are required for the CU you are installing. These would be in addition to the general steps that follow.
  2. After accepting the CU, navigate to the Replication Set screen for HR Talent.
  3. Select all replication sets the begin with HCM_ and end with _ST and click Validate Schemas.
  4. If a red icon appears next to a replication set, it means that the set contains an update. Select all sets with updates and then select Register Out Of Date Schemas which appears at the top of the page.
  5. Assign connection points to the new documents. Navigate to ION Desk > Connect > Connection Points and select the GHR IMS connection point.
  6. From the Documents tab, click the Refresh icon.
    Note: In earlier versions of the product, this button was + (plus symbol).
  7. Save any new additions to this connection point by clicking the save icon on the top of screen.
  8. In ION Desk, navigate to Connect > Data Flows.
  9. Add the new documents to the existing GHR_To_DataLake flow. Click the page icon in the middle of the data flow diagram.
  10. Click the Add icon (+ symbol).
  11. Click the save icon on the top of the page.
  12. On the Data Flow page, click the Reactivate icon (which resembles a power symbol).