Birst user access requirements for Infor HR Talent

HR Talent, users who use Infor Birst must have these Birst roles:
  • Birst-SystemAdministrator: Infor Birst account administrator
  • GHRBIRST-Consumer-Administrator: administrator for the consumer space in Infor HR Talent Analytics
  • GHRBIRST-Model-Administrator: administrator for the model, source, and extension spaces in Infor HR Talent Analytics
  • GHRBIRST-User: assigned to all Infor HR Talent Analytics for Birst users. Has access to the Infor HR Talent Analytics application in Infor OS

Roles that are available to be assigned to HR Talent users:

  • GHRBIRST-Admin
  • GHRBIRST-HRGeneralist
  • GHRBIRST-CompensationAnalyst
  • GHRBIRST-DirectSupervisor
  • GHRBIRST-Recruiter
  • GHRBIRST-RecruiterAdmin
  • GHRBIRST-PositionBudgetManager
  • GHRBIRST-HRGeneralistActorOrgUnit
  • GHRBIRST-PayrollAdministrator
  • GHRBIRST-SecurityExemption