Verify that ION connection points exist for Infor HR Talent Analytics for Birst

The required ION connection points should have been added when the tenant was handed off for post-provisioning. Use this procedure to verify that it has been.

  1. Using Infor OS, navigate to ION Desk.
  2. To view Connection Points, access Connect > Connection Points.
  3. Click the discovery icon, which resembles a refresh symbol.

    • GHR IMS

    The IMS connections are not yet active and are not yet associated to a data lake flow. The steps for associating and activating these flows are in a later section of this guide.Verify that connection points with the following descriptions exist:

    If you are missing any of these connection points, please open a Infor Support Portal ticket. Verify that connection points with the following descriptions ticket for CloudOps to update the FSM and TAM application entitlements on the IONCE tenant.

  4. Click Save.