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Accident Types for Safety Incidents Bar
Incident Casual Factors Donut
Incident Root Cause Analysis Bar
Most Common Days Column
Near Miss Incidents Detail Table
Near Misses by Location Bar
Near Misses by Month Column
Near Misses by Position Column
Near Misses by Type Column
Safety Incidents by Month Column
Safety Incidents Detail Table
Safety Observations by Month Column
Safety Observations by Status Funnel
Safety Observations Converted to Incidents by Incident Type Bar
Clearance Status Column
Employees who are COVID-19 Positive Column
Confirmed Cases by Date Area spline
Work Related Cases Pie
Covid-19 Detail Table
Employee Incidents by Body Parts Donut
Employee Incidents by Illnesses and Injuries Column
Employee Incidents by Nature of Injury Pie
Employee Incidents Detail Table
Employees At Risk by Position Column
HR Location by Incidents with Safety Category Column
Lost Time Due to Incidents Column
Near Misses by Safety Category Column
Safety Categories Detail Table
Safety Category Pie
Safety Incident by Safety Category Column
Safety Incident by Severity and Body Part Column
Safety Incidents Bar
Safety Observations by Safety Category Column