Dimensions Description
Employee Employees are individuals enrolled under benefit plans. They receive added perks offered and provided by employers on top of compensation. This can include extended Flex Credits, medical insurance, Dependents Insurance, retirement benefits, and more.
Benefit Enrollment Event Enrollment events are used to define open enrollments, life events, and COBRA events. They also control how these events are displayed to the individual.
Benefit Enrollment Gives the details of employee benefit enrollment event by benefit plan and enrollment event
Coverage Option Determines who are covered in your benefit plan enrollment such as Spouse, Dependent, Domestic Partner
Benefit Plan Benefits that are offered by the employer to the employees apart from their salaries
Employee Benefit Compensation provided to employees in addition to their salaries. These benefits includes group insurance, retirement benefits, vacation, and flexible alternative arrangements.
Employee Enrollment Provides detail for employee Enrollment Progress, All Enrollments, and Enrollment Exceptions.