Health Traceability

This dashboard tracks employee information for areas such as lot number, facility, injection sites, and clinician.

This table shows the dashlets in the dashboard:

Dashlet name Description Chart style
Employees by Lot Number and Facility Employee count by lot number further sliced by facility.
Note: Highlight one or more bars to filter the dashboard to the selection.
Lot Number Detail Lot number detail including lot numbers, manufacturer, employees, clinician, location, and other attributes. The dashlet tracks employees who have received health components and can be traced back to the lot number. This is helpful, for example, if there is a recall and you must track employees who are impacted. Table
Top Injection Sites for Health Components Top injection sites where health components are being performed. For example, the arm, or leg. Pie
Health Component Lot Number Tracking Health components by lot number that is used to track which health component is related to a lot number Table
Clinician and Components Detail Clinician and health components detail that highlights clinician’s health component assignments Table