Security roles

The Infor HR Talent Analytics content package includes predefined security roles. You can use roles to grant permissions to users or user groups to view or edit data, reports, or dashboards. Customers can create their own roles with customized permissions. For detailed instructions on how to customize security roles, see the Infor HR Talent Analytics on Infor Birst Administration Guide.

These roles are delivered and assigned to dashboard collections, Birst functionality, and Custom Subject Areas which contain measures and dimensions:
  • GHRBIRST-SecurityExemption
  • GHRBIRST-Admin
  • GHRBIRST-HRGeneralist
  • GHRBIRST-CompensationAnalyst
  • GHRBIRST-DirectSupervisor
  • GHRBIRST-Recruiter
  • GHRBIRST-RecruiterAdmin
  • GHRBIRST-HRGeneralistActorOrgUnit
  • GHRBIRST-PositionBudgetManager
  • GHRBIRST-PayrollAdminstrator
  • GHRBIRST-LearningAdministrator
  • GHRBIRST-SafetyAdmin
  • GHRBIRST-OccupationalHealthAdmin
  • GHRBIRST-BenefitsAdministrator
  • GHRBIRST-AbsenceAdmin
  • GHRBIRST-LearningInstructor