Dimension Description
Incident Type The type of incident that occurred. For example, accident, illness, or injury.
Incident Cause Events or conditions that contribute to an incident occurrence. For example, working environment, equipment, training, etc. Assigned to incidents when incidents are created.
Accident Type The kind of accident that occurred. For example, fire, explosion, chemical spill, needle stick, or motor vehicle accident.
Time The time the safety incident occurred such as the date and exact time.
HR Location The location of a job that an employee performs or where the employee works.
Incident Cost Total dollar amount of incident cost that provides information on how much safety incidents is paid by the organization.
Incident Observation Reports of safety or near miss accounts as witnessed by an employee.
Employee Incident A person who was impacted or injured in a safety incident.
Position The position of an employee within their job, which defines the duties and responsibilities of the employee.
Employee Safety incidents that are created for employees and non-employees in an organization. These individuals were impacted or injured from the incident.
Incident Observation records that have been generated as either a safety or near miss incident.
Safety Categories A means of organizing safety observations or incidents and near misses into categories