Starter Overview

This dashboard provides the count of new hires, rehires, starters by hire source, by job, location, and org unit.

This table shows the dashlets in the dashboard:

Dashlet name Description Chart style
New Hire Trailing 12-month new hire based on start date KPI
Rehire Trailing 12-month rehires based on the rehire action's effective date KPI
Starters Hire Source New hires plus rehires by hire source for the selected date range Donut
Starters by Job and Hire Source Counts of new hires and rehires by hire source and job category for the selected date range Heatmap
Starters by HR Location New hires based on start date and rehires based on rehire action's effected date by HR location for the selected date range Column
Starters by HR Organization Unit Comparison of new hire by start date and rehires by rehire action's effective date by HR organization unit for the selected date range. Column