Safety Observation Status

This dashboard provides information about observations the employee specified for others such as status, month, and incident type.

This table shows the dashlets in the dashboard:

Dashlet name Description Chart style
Safety Observations by Status Safety observations by status such as New, Active, or Input Requested Funnel
Safety Observations Converted to Incidents by Incident Type Count of safety observations converted to incidents by incident type Bar
Safety Observations by Month Count of safety observations by month, further sliced by location Column
New Current count of new safety observations KPI
Active Current count of active safety observations KPI
Input Requested Current count of safety observations where input is being requested. An investigation is can be underway. KPI
In Review Current count of safety observations that are in review. Observation is being evaluated by a health & safety administrator. KPI
Complete Current count of safety observations that are in completed status KPI
Closed Current count of safety observations that have been closed. This usually means that the safety observation was not worthy of being converted to a safety incident and is not necessary anymore. KPI