This dashboard provides overall FTE's such as average data by overtime, education, job hierarchy, and org unit level.

This table shows the dashlets in the dashboard:

Dashlet name Description Chart style
Average Employees Over Time Average employee count or FTEs over the previous 12 months to current. Spline
Employee by FTE Group Employee count or FTEs by FTE group as of the last day of the selected year/month. Column
Education Pyramid Employee count or FTEs by the highest education achieved as of the last day of the selected year/month. Education levels are as defined in HR Talent. Pyramid
Key Employees by Job Hierarchy Distinct count of key employees categorized by job category, as of the last date of the selected year/month. Use column selectors to change the attribute of the job hierarchy. Column
Employee Per Supervisor by HR Org Unit Level Average number of employees per supervisor by HR organization unit level.

Number of distinct employees / number of supervisor codes

Top N filter can be used to limit the number of categories displayed.