Modifying access to Subject Areas

Use this procedure to customize access to Subject Areas.

  1. Navigate to Birst Admin.
  2. Select Space Management > Select Subject Area.
  3. Select the Subject Area to edit from the left-hand panel.
    A new panel with the specified Subject Area displays.
  4. Select Group Access from the specified Subject Area panel, then the “ > “ symbol on the Group Access line. The Share with panel displays. Use these procedures to grant and remove access to a Subject Area.

    Use this procedure to grant access the Subject Area to a User Group:

    1. Select the User Group icon.
    2. Select the User Group to add from the drop-down list
    3. Select the green check mark to save the change or select the red X to cancel the change.
    Use this procedure to remove access to a Subject Area:
    1. From the Share with panel, rest your pointer over the User Group to remove until the trash can icon displays to the right.
    2. Click the trash can icon.
    3. Click Remove to save the change or Cancel to abandon the change.