Birst security overview

Access to data in an analytical application is secured and customized based on User Groups. Infor Birst provides a variety of application security and user access features. A user’s access is based on their membership in Birst User Groups. User Groups are then granted permissions in these areas:

  • Modules and Features

    Access to Infor Birst modules and features like Visualizer, Designer, Edit Dashboards and others is granted by User Group membership.

  • Collections

    Collection visibility to a User depends on whether they are a member of any User Group that has permission to see the collection. A collection is not visible and accessible to a User if they are not a member of a User Group with permission. See Collection security.

  • Custom Subject Areas (CSAs)

    Custom Subject Areas are focused views of select measures and attributes. This feature is useful to make the application more accessible to business users although simultaneously allowing the restriction of access to certain data elements. Only CSAs that a User has permission to access are visible to the User. SeeCustom subject area security.

  • Report Catalog

    The Report Catalog is where Infor Birst stores collections, dashboards and reports. Read Only permission and Edit permission can be granted to any User Group on a particular folder. See Report Catalog security.

  • Data-level security filters

    Data-level security filters restrict access to specific sets of data rows in the application based on these filters: HR Organization, HR Organization Unit, Reporting Relationship and Recruiter. See these filters for more information about these filters and available exemptions.

See the Infor Birst Online Help about the application security and user access features.