Step 9 Updating the column properties of the extended source field

After the HR Extension Only - Delete, Extract and Publish workflow has completed, the newly added field(s) displays in the Extension Sources. Review and modify the fields as outlined.
Note: Birst automatically assigns the field size and type based on the extracted data. Review the application’s definition of field width and data type and assign those exact values in Birst.
  1. Access Birst > HR-Model-Extension space.
  2. Select Modeler > Select Prepare icon.
  3. Under Sources, select the query that was updated, for example, HCMGHR_SupervisorExtension.
  4. Select the Columns tab.
    Note: Confirm and adjust the data type and the width as needed. These values should match the values of the field in the application. In addition, the data type selected here must match the data type of the Custom Defined Field (CDF) that you are populating. For example, if you are populating the CDF String 01 field, the data type here must be set to Varchar.

    Verify and/or specify these field attributes:

    Changed from integer to varchar
    Changed from 6 to 50
  5. Check that Lock Type fieldbox so that the attributes do not change.
  6. For a quick preview of your data, select the Raw Data tab.
  7. Select Save.
    Note: Ensure that the process has been completed before proceeding to the next step.