Adding attributes to HCM sources using extensibility

This section describes how customers can add custom attributes to Infor-delivered dimensions without breaking the data warehouse model. These restrictions are applicable:

  • The attributes can be added only to specific Infor dimensions, which are listed in Dimensions Available for Extension in the Appendix. Dimensions inherit the custom attribute values from their source dimension. For example, Supervisor Extension has the custom attributes values of Supervisor.
  • Attributes can be added to existing dimension records only. The extensibility functionality cannot be used to insert new dimension records.
  • The total number of custom attributes that can be added per extension dimension is 50. You can add 5 Date, 5 Datetime, 5 Floats, 5 Integers and 30 varchar (300) attributes to the dimensions.
  • Measures, dimensions, or fact tables cannot be added. These changes break the data model and should be implemented in a separate customer space.