Step 10 Updating the extension script

  1. Access Birst > HR-Model-Extension space.
  2. Select Modeler > Prepare > HCMSupervisorExtension script.
    1. Select the Script tab.
    2. In Select Statement, press CTRL + A then CTRL + C to copy the original query.
    3. Open Notepad and press CTRL + P to paste the original query for reference.
    4. Navigate to the first available field (Null), based on your new field's data type.
    5. Specify this information to replace the corresponding Null field with the name of the field to add:

      For example, [HCMGHR_Supervisor.PrimaryResourceForHRMS].

      For Select statement modification, as an example:

      Example line:
      NULL, // [CDF String 01]
      Modified to:
      [HCMGHR_Supervisor.PrimaryResourceForHRMS], // [CDF String 01]
  3. Select Validate.
  4. Select Save.
    Note: You should not modify the Script window in the lower section.