Creating a client custom subject area

  1. Select Birst > HCM-Consumer space.
  2. Select Admin > Space Management > Subject Area
  3. Select New Subject Area and specify this information:
    Add Name
    ABC-HR Subject Area
    Click Confirm.
  4. Select Description of new custom subject area and click the Save button.
    This ABC-HR Custom Subject Area contains only those measures and attributes to support staff related custom information for our Human Resources department.
  5. Click the Group Access tab.
    A menu with Share with label appears to the right.
  6. Add groups.
    1. Click the Add Group icon.
    2. Select or search for a group.
    3. Click the Group Name and select the green check mark to save.
    4. Repeat to add groups as required.
  7. Remove All Users in Space Group (if present).
    1. Rest your mouse pointer to the right of the Group Name until trash can appears.
    2. Select the trash can icon.
    3. Select Remove.
    4. Select X to close the Share with panel.

    The new Custom Subject Area now displays in the Subject Area menu.

    Although optional, best practice is to create additional sub-folders to maintain ease of management and use of the Custom Subject Area. You can review delivered CSAs to understand structure options.

    You can click the CSA and select the Add Folder icon, if you want to further organize the CSA. Note that a CSA sub folder inherits the security from the CSA and the sub folder security is not editable.

    For example,

    ABC-Subject Area

    Attributes Folder

    Dimension Folder 1

    Dimension Folder 2