Extending the model with Infor HR Talent data

This section provides step-by-step instructions on how to extend one of the dimensions available for extension. See the Appendix for the list of available dimensions and their related sources.

Before you extend a dimension, review these questions:

  1. Is the field part of one of the Extension Dimension business classes or is the field related to an Extension Dimension business class? If yes, continue.
  2. Is the field already being replicated?
    Note: Some fields are replicated but are not included in the HR-Model.
    1. If Yes, proceed to question 3.
    2. If No, skip question 3.
  3. Is the field in the Default Subject Area?
    1. If yes, it is not required to extend this field. Instead, add to your Customer-created Custom Subject Area and expose the field to your Users by Custom Subject Area Permissions.
    2. If No, then continue.

When choosing to add a Custom Field to a delivered Replication Set, the fields available to add can be resident on the business class or related to the business class. The steps for adding a Custom Field whether resident or related are effectively the same with one minor difference: the default Replicate Name may have periods included in the text. If you choose to retain the default Replicate Name, the periods should be removed.

These instructions show how to extend the Supervisor business class with the resident field named PrimaryResourceForHRMS: