Step 6 Adding GHR data field to the Birst Query Object

This instruction example adds the new field to the HCMGHR_SupervisorExtension Query Object.

From the HR-Model-Extension space, specify this information:

Query Object
Field to Add
  1. Access Birst > HR-Model-Extension space.
  2. Select Modeler > HCM Infor Data Lake connection > HCMGHR_SupervisorExtension.
  3. Select the down arrow on the HCMGHR_SupervisorExtension query and select Edit.
    Note: Each new field must be added as the last field at the end of fields in the select statement.
  4. Add a comma after the last field in the query's select statement before you add a new field.
  5. Add the new custom field.
    The new custom field is case sensitive.
  6. Specify the new field name PrimaryResourceForHRMS after the comment.
    This is an example of the updated Query Object.
    Note: There is a newly added comma after Supervisor ID. The comment CDF String 01 is the first string field utilized in the extension. The comment eases modification management of extension dimensions as more fields are added.
    /* Required Attributes */
                 Supervisor ID,
    /*  User Attributes Below (Don't forget comma after last attribute above)  */
                PrimaryResourceForHRMS /* CDF String 01 */
    FROM HCM_Supervisor
    WHERE lastModified >= 'V{InforHCMSupervisorExtractStartDate}'
  7. Select Save to save your changes and to launch a preview of the newly modified query.
    If the preview does not display or if the newly added fields do not display the expected data, troubleshoot the query before proceeding.

    Note: The field resides in Data Lake with the Replicated Name. The HR Talent Analytics Spaces identifies it as CDF String 01. User-friendly names can be implemented in a Customer created Custom Subject Area.