Step 2 Adding an Infor HR Talent field to a replication set

This instruction example adds an existing field to an existing replication set.

Specify this information:

Replication Set
Replication Class
Field to Add
  1. From the HR Talent application, Add Custom Field to a Replication Set.
  2. Infor HR Talent Application > Admin Console > Database > Replication Sets > .
    1. Double-click the GHR_ST Replication.
    2. Double-click the Supervisor Business Class.
    3. Select the Custom Fields Tab.
      1. Actions > Create
      2. In the Field box Select the Arrow.
      3. Specify the name of the field to add: PrimaryResourceForHRMS.
      4. After finding the field, click Ok.
  3. Specify the Replicate Name. Best practice is to use the same field name: PrimaryResourceForHRMS
    Note: If the field being added is a related field, best practice is to remove any period in the Replicate Name string.
  4. Save.
  5. Prompt displays: This change will require a new schema registration. Are you sure?
  6. Select Ok.