Step 13 Validating changes in the HR-Consumer Space

This section describes how to validate the changes and data in the HCM-Consumer space. The user must belong to a User Group who has permission to access the Default Subject Area.

  1. Access Birst > Select the HR-Consumer space.
  2. Select Classic Home > Visualizer > Default Subject Area > Attributes.
  3. Select the Dimension that was updated, for example, Supervisor.
  4. Navigate to the CDF identifier for the field you updated, for example, CDF String 01.
  5. Double-click the field or drag it on the report.
  6. Add a measure or change the report to table to validate data.
    Note: If data validation is successful, continue to Manage extended dimensions to add the fields to a client custom Subject Area. If data validation is not successful, proceed with steps 7 and 8.
  7. If there are any inconsistencies in the data, we recommend running the HR - Delete All Processed Data workflow. Wait for the workflow to complete before proceeding.
  8. Run the HR - Extract and Process and wait for the workflow to complete before proceeding with any other space-related activities.