Performing pre-update steps

Follow these pre-update steps to load and process data in the STC spaces to be used for testing before the swap.

  1. To access the newly provisioned STC spaces, re-sync role from the Infor Ming.le by re-adding the Birst-SystemAdministrator security role to your user.
  2. In Infor HR Talent, validate and register out of date schemas of GHR*_ST replications sets.
  3. In ION Desk, select Connect > Connection points > GHR_IMS. Click Refresh to add the new business classes.
  4. In ION Desk, select Connect > Data Flows > HRT_to_Datalake. Add the new business classes and reactivate.
  5. Reset business classes listed in Updated Business Classes.
  6. In Infor HR Talent, select Administration console > Database run Replication.
  7. In Infor Birst, stop all GHR workflow schedules. Ensure that all spaces are in available status.
  8. Make a backup of all your ATC and STC spaces and name them using this format: ZZZBackup – SpaceName - Version - CurrentDate.
  9. If you are unable to edit the delivered workflow, then clone and set the STC-HR-Reset Extract Variables workflow to the last full replication.
  10. Run the STC-HR-Reset Extract Variables workflow.
  11. Run the cloned STC-HR-Extract and Process workflow
  12. Validate content in STC by going to STC-Consumer space. Check reports and dashboards.
  13. Move custom content from ATC to STC. See Moving content.
  14. If there are custom model changes, then:
    • Run the STC-HR-Delete All Processed Data workflow
    • Run the cloned STC-HR-Reset Extract Variables workflow
    • Run the STC-HR-Extract and Process workflow
  15. Validate STC-Consumer space with your custom content.