Purging Data Lake

Follow this procedure to purge data in Data Lake before doing a full load. This is required in instances when data is refreshed (for example, from PRD to TST).
  1. In Infor ION Desk, select Data Lake > Purge.
  2. Select Purge by Filter.
  3. Specify the Date Range From and Date Range To fields for the dates to be processed.
  4. On the Data Objects field, specify HCM_ and select Select All.
  5. Select the logical ID for HCM.
  6. Click the Purge button
  7. Specify description of the action for confirmation of the activity.
  8. Click Yes.
    Purge data is started.
  9. Monitor the logs for details of the status of the purging.

    A completed activity shows a green check icon on the Status column of the Purge Logs pane.

    The End Date column is also updated on the date of completion.

    Note: After purging, proceed to perform full load of data from application to Data Lake.