Resetting replication sets

For reprovisioned or rip and replace customers, you may not need to reset all replications sets if you know your last reset date. You are only required to reset the business classes in Chapter 5.


Perform a reset only when you must send a full set of data to Data Lake.

Performing this step re-sends all data to the Data Lake. This step should not be performed often, since this increases the size of duplicate records in the Data Lake.

  1. In Infor Ming.le, navigate to Infor HR Talent.
  2. Select Administration Console > Database > Replication.
  3. Select all replication sets that begin with GHR_ and end with _ST. You can select multiple replication sets by clicking each entry's check box.
  4. Right-click, and select Reset.

    If you are using Compass Queries in the Data Lake, the reset replication set process can have an effect on the Compass Queries' performance.

    Use the Data Lake-provided utilities to clear Compass cache a day before the reset date.

    For more information, see the Infor Global Human Resources Analytics on Infor Birst Extensibility Guide.