Validating data flow

  1. In Infor Ming.le, navigate to Infor Global HR/Infor HR Talent.
  2. Select Administration Console > Async Administrator.
  3. Select ION > ION Out Queue.
  4. Under the New tab, validate that files from your replication set displays.
    You see records continuously coming in when you click the Refresh button, while replication is processing.

    Replication to Infor Data Lake is complete after all records are moved out of the New and Pending tab and into the Processed tab.

    Note: It is important to actively check for errors in the Pending and Failed tabs.
  5. To address failed replicated documents, wait until the rest of the documents are completed. Right-click failed document and select Resend. You can wait for at least 5 minutes before clicking Resend, in case there are connection issues.