Enabling Always On space

You can enable Always On to ensure high availability and simultaneous access to reports and dashboards while a space is processing. Birst replicates and creates a "shadow space" for this purpose.

The prerequisites for enabling Always On are:
  • By default, Always On is not enabled for all accounts; it is an add-on feature. To get Always On, create an Infor Support ticket to enable this feature to your account.
  • By default, there is a 50 GB limit to the size of the space. This limit is configurable. If you have a larger data store, contact your Birst representative. Because it replicates the data, Always On requires additional space resources.
  • Enable Always On only when there are no other processing tasks in progress.

See https://app2103.bws.birst.com/Help/Full/classicbirst/modeling/spaces/enabling_an_always_on_space.htm?Highlight=alwayson for Birst Documentation about Always On.