Birst/Analytics homepage widgets limitations

As of the Birst v_2023.02.04.40197 release, there are limitations for the Birst Analytics homepage widgets. These are the limitations for FSM Analytics, HR Talent Analytics, and WFM Analytics reports:
  • Report Catalog limitations

    Birst Homepage widgets only support Visualizer reports. Designer reports and KPIs cannot be viewed using this widget. These are included in the development roadmap of Birst and are available in the upcoming releases.

  • Widget filtering limitations

    The user can select the Apply Filters button to apply filters to reports. This is accessed through the Explore button on the widget. The feature saves the filters to the widget. Currently, widget filtering works with attributes, measures, and saved expressions, and not with variables.

  • Apply Filters button limitations

    The Apply Filters button does not save field changes in attributes and measures, and sorting that is applied to the widget. Only changes in filters are saved to the widget. The feature overrides the existing filter configuration in the widget on the homepage. This method does not affect filters that were applied to the Visualizer report in the Report Catalog or on other existing dashboards.

  • Adding multiple Birst homepage widgets from different Birst applications

    The user has the flexibility to add homepage widgets from different applications. In Birst however, this is limited to adding report widgets from only one Birst application or one type of Birst Analytics widget. We do not recommend adding report widgets from different Birst Analytics applications in a homepage.

    Birst 7.9 release version cannot handle multiple sessions. Because data comes from Birst, when users add more than one Analytics widget type, the spaces are merged and the widgets do not work as expected.

    For example, the user can add several HR Talent Analytics widgets only or FSM Analytics report widgets only to a page. When the user simultaneously adds an HR Talent Analytics report widget and an FSM Analytics report widget on a page, the explore feature does not work properly. This is because the user is signing in to multiple spaces in a single Birst session.