HR Talent Analytics user groups

HR Talent Analytics is delivered with predefined User Groups that restrict the user’s access to models, reports, and dashboards. HR Talent Analytics provides these standard groups.

When signed in, you have access to view data within the context of the user's HR Organization. The exception is Birst Administrators who always have access to view all data.

  • GHRBIRST-SecurityExemption
  • GHRBIRST-Admin
  • GHRBIRST-HRGeneralist
  • GHRBIRST-CompensationAnalyst
  • GHRBIRST-DirectSupervisor
  • GHRBIRST-Recruiter
  • GHRBIRST-RecruiterAdmin
  • GHRBIRST-HRGeneralistActorOrgUnit
  • GHRBIRST-PositionBudgetManager
  • GHRBIRST-PayrollAdministrator
  • GHRBIRST-LearningAdministrator
  • GHRBIRST-SafetyAdmin
  • GHRBIRST-OccupationalHealthAdmin
  • GHRBIRST-BenefitsAdministrator
  • GHRBIRST-AbsenceAdmin
  • GHRBIRST-LearningInstructor

You can modify the security settings for each group. See HR Talent Analytics user groups section of the Infor HR Talent Analytics on Infor Birst Security Guide or Birst Online Help.