Accessing Monitoring

Workflows can be monitored. Use this procedure to access Monitoring.
  1. Navigate to Birst in Infor Ming.le or Infor OS Portal.
  2. Select Admin.
  3. Select Monitoring.
  4. Select a space to monitor. In the Space Select text box, you can either:
    • Specify the Model space name. For example, [TenantID]-HR-Model.
    • Clear the text box, specify the space name, and select from the drop-down list that displays.
  5. Click Select Space to confirm your selection.
    A list of jobs for the space displays in a table.
  6. Click Job Name to view each occurrence and status of a job.
  7. Access a Log file.
    1. Click More Details.
    2. Click Download Logs.
    3. Save the .zip file.
If a job remains in Failed Status, you can create an Infor Support Portal ticket and attach the associated Log file.