Employee purge and anonymization

The HR Talent application includes functionality for the Purge and Anonymization of Employee data. When Purge, Anonymize or Anonymize and Purge actions are taken with the HR Talent application, these actions are communicated to HR Talent Analytics through the replication of the PurgeAccessLog. HR Talent Analytics will then respond to the actions based on configurations made through the InforEmployeePurgeAction variable defined below.

HR Talent application options for employee

  • Purge
  • Anonymize
  • Anonymize and Purge
  • All Work Assignments must be inactivated
  • Relationship Status = Purge Eligible

HR Talent Analytics Options for Employee

A new variable has been added in HR Talent Analytics that will determine how HR Talent Analytics will respond to the specific Employee purge/anonymize actions taken in the HR Talent application.

Variable: InforEmployeePurgeAction

Possible Values: Yes, No

InforEmployeePurgeAction = Yes

  • Purge
    • Employee and related data will be purged from HR Talent Source/Model/Security Spaces
  • Anonymize
    • Employee ID remains
    • Employee Name will be replaced with the Employee ID and identifying information will be initialized.
    • Some related data will be purged (Address, Candidate record)
    • History will be removed
  • Anonymize and Purge
    • Identifying information on the Employee record is anonymized
    • All related Employee data will be purged

InforEmployeePurgeAction = No

  • No change to data in Birst.
Note: We recommend that InforEmployeePurgeAction variable is set to Yes to keep the data in HR Talent in sync with the data that is in HR Talent Analytics. If the variable InforEmployeePurgeAction is set to No, the data that was purged in HR Talent will remain in HR Talent Analytics and this will result in data mismatch between HR Talent Analytics and HR Talent.